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Advertising & Marketing Video Testimonials - Magento Extensions

Video Testimonials - Magento Extensions


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    Introduction : Video Testimonials - Magento Extensions


    Videos are IN! Text is Outdated. Videos are the way to go now … You can get your message across quickly and efficiently. Get your magento store Video Enabled now and let your visitors that you mean business!

    Detailed description:

    Let you’re website visitors know you are a real business with real people...
    Video Testimonials and Video Introductions quickly capture your visitors' attention and establish your credibility. A client detailing how you succeeded in delivering on your promise is an influential factor for new customers. They are then far more likely to follow up their interest.

    With FME Video Testimonials you communicate directly to your prospects on your website, and because your customers are talking peer to peer, you can reduce the time involved in building trust.

    You tube has revolutionized the web by making it so easy for everyone  to upload video and share it with the rest of the world and get their thoughts across. This extension is adding that functionality to your Magento Store.

    With this extension you can:
    • Sales Promotions
    • Product Demonstrations
    • Services Provided
    • Build Credibility
    • Stay Ahead Of Competitors
    • Get More Sales Or Inquiries
    Configurable features:
    • Customer can submit video testimonials via upload their own video or (YouTube link)
    • CAPTCHA for Anti-Spam
    Admin features:
    • Can upload videos from admin panel and associate that video with multiple products at once.
    • Gets an email notifications about new video testimonial
    • Settings to show immediately or after admin's approval
    • Setting to hide front end upload
    • Multi-purpose: Use same module for product videos by disabling front end videos upload and with
    • SEO-friendly URLs
    • Easy to install, just copy and run
    • Easy to use, easy to manage, easy to customize
    • Multi-store support.
    • Multi -Language support
    • Separated HTML/CSS, W3C validated

    Reviews : Video Testimonials - Magento Extensions

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    Video Testimonials - Magento Extensions 2012-03-22 11:54:37 Rajaa
    Well worth money 
    Reviewed by Rajaa    March 22, 2012

    Please, i need more explanation on Rating Feature, User/admin Can create more than One Rate (rate on functionality, Price .. etc) ?

    on the demo site ,i can't upload Video ? I need to test this before Buy the Product .


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